The Wierdstring Band have been providing highly inventive, high energy ceilidhs consisting of music and dances both ancient and modern for as long as they can remember. Want some traditional ceilidh dances? We’ve got ’em. Fancy some dances from across the globe? We’ve got them too. Fancy a ceilidh dance that is being randomly generated as you dance it? Why, we’ve even got one of those. Fancy dancing out a classic computer game? Now’s your chance.

The Wierdstring Band can call ceilidhs for crowds of any size or shape, be it petite or gargantuan. Each ceilidh is lovingly tailored to your every need. “But surely this is too good to be true?” you say. Well, have a look at the clips below and decide for yourself.

NEW! FOR 2017! Wierdstring Walkabout Ceilidh!

Book Now! The Wierdstring Pop Up Instant Ceilidh! Seasoned street entertainers The Weirdstring band bring ceilidh fun to the people wherever they may be, a festival or high street, acoustic or with our very mobile sound system.

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